Here at The Dog House, Looe we love getting our dogs out in open spaces so that they can run, discover and sniff the world. We believe strongly that getting your dog out of the house is what keeps a dog happy and also keeps them well behaved. We love walking our dogs, which means we’re always on the look out for great places to walk our dogs and dogs who are staying with us. We’ve put together a list of our 5 favourite dog walks in Looe and the surrounding areas.

5. Seaton Valley Nature Reserve


Seaton Valley Nature Reserve is Cornwall’s newest nature reserve. This is a nice level walk that takes you up the river and through the beautiful wooded scenery. This makes for a lovely walk and really stimulates the dogs as there is a lot for them to discover.

For a detailed route of this walk, find out more information from The Magic of Cornwall

4. Hendersick & Talland Bay Loop


This is a great dog walk for a free afternoon. It takes around an hour and a half but is a great way to burn off your dog’s excess energy. There are large open fields where you can let the dog off and throw a ball, however, make sure you keep an eye out for any farm animals roaming the fields. Farmers have the right to protect their livestock from your dog and this can end tragically. Also, there is a large part of this walk on the road so make sure you remember to take your dog’s lead with you.

For a detailed route of this loop, find out more information from The National Trust.

3. Looe to Millendreath


This is a pleasant dog walk along the coast, from here you can see some great views of Looe Island, all the way round to Plymouth on a good day! This walk is only half an hour but a round trip is an hour which is a great walk for any dog. Take a walk down to the beach at Millendreath and let the dogs have a play in the sand.

2. Kilminorth Path


This is one of our favourite dog walks in Looe. It also has parking which is a great plus. As soon as you get in the woods, let the dogs off their lead. There is so much for the dogs to explore in these woods. Our dogs love going here as it gives them the chance to explore, use all of their senses and discover new scents of the wild. This is a perfect walk for really stimulating your best friend and for also getting yourself a bit of exercise as well.

For a detailed route of this walk, find out more information from The South West Coast Path.

1. West Looe to Polperro


Our number one place to walk the dogs is from Looe to Polperro. You’ll often find one of us along this route, 3 or 4 times a week! This is a great dog walk and we never tire of the great scenery and open fields. Remember, you’ll be walking around the same area as the Hendersick & Talland Bay Loop so if you see any livestock grazing, get your dog on the lead as soon as possible. Before we do this walk, we’ll both drive to Polperro and leave one car in the car park. We drive back in one car and set off from Looe, stop at Talland Bay for a quick rest and then head off to Polperro. A great place to book for dinner is The Three Pilchards, their food is simply amazing and they allow dogs!

For a detailed route of this walk, find out more information here.

Know any other dog walks in the area? Let us know, we’d love to find out about them!

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