If you’re anything like us, we like to rescue our dogs and give them a better chance at life. We have two rescue dogs, Lux (left) & Pip (right) and we couldn’t be more happy with them. Lux was abandoned on Luke at work one day and we took Pip in from a foster home.

We’ve managed to raise two very happy rescue dogs and we want to encourage more people to rescue animals rather than buying them. We want to see more people taking in rescue dogs and living happily ever after. In light of this, we’ve compiled 3 tips to get you off to a smooth start with your new dog.

Love, Trust & Space

When you meet your new friend, they are going to want to sniff you, learn your scent and work out who you are. At this time it is probably a good idea to keep the dog separate from any children and just for the adults of the house to meet the dog. As with humans, first impressions mean everything. You really need to show your new dog that they can trust you, this means showing them a bit of love. Stroke them but don’t make them feel claustrophobic. Give them a treat or maybe even some food if they appear hungry. Once they’ve worked you out, they will want to go and explore their new home, you need to allow them time to suss everything out but now is also a good time to set ground rules. For example, if you don’t want your new friend on the couch or going upstairs then this is the time to enforce this rule.


It’s time to explore the neighbourhood. The first walk out with a new dog can be time-consuming as they will be sniffing to learn which other dogs are in the area and also spreading their own scent to let other dogs know they are there. Dog walking is key to having a happy and healthy dog. We believe it is fundamental to a dog’s happiness, not only theirs but a well-walked dog will be a well-behaved dog so you will be happier as well. If you don’t have the time or the energy to walk your dog, have a look at our dog walking page to find out how we can help.

Live near Looe? Check out our guide to our 5 favourite dog walks near Looe.

Consistency is king!

Finally, the most effective method of successfully introducing a re-homed dog into your life is to establish a regular routine. This means getting up at a set time, breakfast & dinner at a set time and walkies at a set time. This can be a struggle but embedding your dog’s needs into your daily routine and keeping that consistent will pay dividends in having a happy life, not only for your dog but also for you.

If you’re interested in re-homing a dog, then why not check out the Dogs Trust website.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences of re-homing your dogs. Please comment in the section below.

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