Your dog’s dental health is crucial to their overall well-being and happiness. Poor canine oral hygiene may just seem to you as bad breath and maybe a running joke in the family but it can have serious consequences if not corrected as soon as possible. We’ve compiled our 3 top tips to prevent poor oral health in dogs.

Did you know dental disease affects over 80% of pets over the age of 3

1. Start Brushing Your Dogs Teeth Early

Did you know your puppy has 28 baby teeth when they are born? However, by the time they are 6 months old, these teeth fall out and are replaced by 42 permanent teeth. Starting to brush your dog’s teeth early will get them used to the daily routine and will become a normal everyday thing for them.

2. Save Money

Did you know that once tartar hardens on your dog’s teeth, it can only be removed by a professional? Your canine amigo may need to go under anaesthesia to allow your vet to get in there and make them better again. The best course of action is to clean early and clean regularly! By staying on top of tartar build up, you can save yourself money by avoiding an unnecessary trip to the vets!

3. Use The Right Tools For The Job

Unfortunately, it’s not advised to just grab your toothpaste off the shelf, an old toothbrush and get stuck into the task at hand. Human toothpaste can upset a dog’s stomach so you will need a dog specific oral care toothpaste. Below is a list of things that will help to improve your dog’s dental hygiene.

  • Specific dog toothpastes and brushes
  • Dog teeth wipes (helpful if your dog dislikes the brushing process)
  • Dog chews
  • Raw carrot
  • Apple
  • Rope tug toy

All of which can help to keep your dog’s oral hygiene in tip-top shape and also help to keep the bad breath at bay!

Worried About Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth?

We offer a deep cleaning oral hygiene service for £5 to help keep you on top of your dog’s oral hygiene and their breath smelling fresh. However, this service is not a substitute for brushing your dog’s teeth daily and if you’re really worried about your dog’s oral hygiene, please book into the vet.

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