It’s January, it’s Cornwall so it’s raining outside…Your dog is all ready to brace the wet, cold, winter rain and you take one look outside, turn back around and turn the heating up another two degrees! So what do you do to keep your dog entertained when the weather is so bad?!

1. DIY Agility Course

A great way to keep your dog entertained, not only physically but also mentally, is to build your own agility course from the items around the living room. When we’re in the house and we want to entertain our dogs, we’ll use our nest of tables to create three items to run around and one of our sofas for our dogs to jump over. You can even roll up a rug to create a beam to walk over.

This activity will not only tire your dog out but will also tire you out as you will need to run the course showing your dog what to do. After this, enjoy a lovely nap on the couch – simply bliss.

2. Stair Ball

This game will keep your dog entertained and enjoying their day. Stair ball is generally only for dogs who are agile enough to play it. To play the game, simply sit at the top of your stairs with a ball and let the ball bounce down the stairs and recall your dog to bring it back to you. Keep playing to give your dog a good bout of exercise until you think they have had enough (although some dogs can never get enough!)

3. Learn A New Trick

Why not use the rainy days to teach your dog a new trick. We know the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but we don’t believe this – With the right teacher, any dog of any age can learn something new!

4. Hide & Seek

This is by far our favourite game to play with our dogs. It’s a really simple game! When your dog isn’t paying attention, slope away and hide somewhere in your house. Call them and wait for them to find you! Sometimes our dogs can spend a good while looking for us and sometimes can’t find us at all. I think they love it as much as we do!

Another version of this game is to hide treats around the house and let your dog sniff them out. Make sure you give a mixture of easy-to-find and hard-to-find treats to keep your doggy entertained throughout the day!

5. Snuggle On The Couch

There is nothing better on a cold, wet, windy day than snuggling on the couch with a good movie, the log fire on and your favourite pooch sleeping soundly on your lap. Play some of the activities above and enjoy a good rest on the couch later with your best pal.

6. Call The Dog Walker

Come rain or shine, your dog still needs their daily dose of exercise to keep them fit, happy and healthy. Whether you don’t have the energy, can’t physically stand the weather or have other plans, we’re here to give you a helping hand when it comes to walking your best pal. Whilst you’re snug as a bug at home, your dog could be with us walking the beautiful scenic routes around Looe and socialising with other dogs. Find out more about our Dog Walking services in Looe and the surrounding areas.

Call us now to book your dog’s space:

01503 269251

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