Having your dog regularly groomed not only keeps them looking, smelling and feeling great but can actually have longer-term health benefits for your favourite pooch. We’ve compiled 3 reasons why having your dog groomed regularly is important.

1. Catch health issues early

Dog groomers are expected to carry out a quick, non-invasive health check of your dog before they are groomed. This involves checking their eyes, mouth, ears, nose, skin, hygiene and for any unusual lumps and bumps. In most cases there is nothing to worry about and the dog groomer doesn’t find anything, however, occasionally we may find a potential health issue that may require further examination from a qualified vet.

2. Prevent matting & knots

Being groomed regularly from a young age can help to prevent matting & knots from building up and becoming uncomfortable for your dog. Matts and knots can build up over time from where your dog has been out in the wet or if they haven’t had a good brush in a while. Matts and knots can become sore for your dog and can cause blood legions when they are removed. Keeping on top of matts and knots through regular grooming can save your dog pain and discomfort.

3. Less hair around the house

We all love our dogs but what we’re not so keen on is the hair that drops off of them every second of every day. This is known as shedding and is a natural way of your dog controlling their body temperature throughout the different seasons. However, as many of us now have central-heating within the home, our dogs tend to shed their coats all year round. This can cause havoc for dog owners who prefer dog hair free homes. A dog groomer will use specialist tools to remove the excess hair from the coat meaning that it will end up in the bin rather than on your floor.

For more information about our dog grooming services, visit our page about dog grooming in Looe.

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