The key to a happy dog is lots of love & affection, a full belly and enough exercise. If you struggle to walk your dog due to lack of time, energy levels or perhaps they just pull too much, Mark (the dog walker) will happily give your little companion the exercise he or she needs.
Mark is fully-qualified in canine first-aid, insured and trained to give your dog a safe, secure but, most of all, enjoyable walk. Mark services Looe & the surrounding villages.

We offer a 60 minute dog walking service around Looe & the surrounding villages. You’ll find us in different places every day however, we tend to frequent Looe 2nd Beach, Talland Bay, Portnadler Beach, Deer Park Forest, Seaton Valley Countryside Park, Seaton Beach and Kilminorth Woods.

We try to mix the walk up daily so that our dogs are always getting new sniffs and are fully invigorated.


Group Dog Walks

We believe having social interactions with other dogs on a regular basis keeps your dog happy and gives them a better standard of living.

£10 per walk

1 on 1 Dog Walks

If your companion prefers their own company, we can take them on a 1 on 1 walk.

£20 per walk

Home Visits

When you’re away for the day, you may need someone to check on your dog, feed them, fill up their water bowl and let them out to stretch their legs.

£5 per visit

**Book dog walking every day Monday – Friday for 20% discount**

Where we cover

We service Looe & the surrounding areas, including Polperro, Pelynt, Duloe, Millendreath, Nomansland & Widegates.

Our Favourite Places To Walk The Dogs

  1. Coast & Country
    • You’ll regularly find us walking around the Wooldown in East Looe. We then travel down onto the coastal path towards Plaidy and then down the cliff to Looe 2nd beach. We love it as it gives the dogs the best of both worlds, they get the fields to run and chase each other and then they get to have a cool off in the sea.
  2. Kilminorth Woods
    • On a dog walk, we regularly visit Kilminorth Woods as it always gives the dogs nice new scents to smell and there are many different trails to choose from. Also, when the tide is in, it is great for giving the dogs a place to swim to get some of that mud off.
  3. Seaton Valley Countryside Park
    • The dogs and I love going to Seaton Valley Countryside Park, it is a great adventure, giving the dogs lots of trails to choose from, an area for swimming and lots of undergrowth to chase each other around in.
  4. Portnadler Beach
    • Portnadler Beach is fantastic as it has a long stretch of beach even when the tide is in. When the cows & sheep aren’t in the fields, we follow the coastal path from the end of Hannafore but when they are, we go round on the rocks (when the tide is out) and get to see the fantastic waterfall.
  5. Duloe Woods
    • We frequent Duloe Woods at least twice a week, in the spring it is absolutely beautiful with tons of bluebells for the dogs to sniff. As it isn’t close to any towns, we regularly come across wildlife which the dogs love to have a look at. It also has a beautiful stream for the dogs to have a quick dip on the warmer days and they can play under the bridge that stands there.

“Monty had a lovely walk, taking it at his own pace, he slept well this afternoon. Thank you Mark” – Christine Davies, Looe

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The Benefits of Having Your Dog Walked Regularly

Health & Wellbeing – Getting your dog out regularly for a walk is of paramount importance to your dogs health and wellbeing. Not getting regular exercise can lead to obesity and a number of medical conditions including liver disease, insulin resistance, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease have been associated with our best friends not getting enough exercise.

Improved Behaviour – Dogs who are regularly exercised are less likely to prove troublesome for their owner. If your dog is proving to be hyperactive in the household, perhaps barking a lot, chewing furniture etc. then a dog walk will help to tame this behaviour.

Improved Social Skills – By getting your dog out and about, it will help your companion to become associated with other dogs that he or she may not have met before. This is a great way to help them socialise with other dogs as they are in a safe environment Mark.

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